NICKNAME: Ginger                                                                             DOB: 12/27/2020                                                          FEMALE
DAM: Whispering Willows Buttercup Blue *P                        SIRE: Cedar Creek GLW Doc Holiday  

Mini Nubian Doe – 7th Generation

53.7% Nubian / 46.3% Nigerian

*SS: Goat Trails Glory’s Legacy Winston +*B

*SD: Cedar Creek Frosted Blue Pearl

*DS: Goat Trails Zorro +*B

*DD: Whispering Willows Willow 

Horn Status: Disbudded                 Eye Color: Brown

G6S Normal By Parentage

Ginger is our herd queen and oldest doe here at Diamond D. Not only is she a well put together doe, she’s done very well in the show ring. Not only is she very hardy and an easy keeper, she is an easy milker. Soft, buttery teats and never picks up a hoof. She will easily hand or machine milk and always gives every last drop. 

At her 2023 MDGA Milk Test, she gave 5.6 pounds of milk with 9.4% butterfat. 




Dam: Whispering Willows Buttercup Blue *P 
                        ALPHA-s1 CASEIN Result: A/A
                        G6-Sulfatase Deficiency Result: N/N
Sire: Cedar Creek GLW Doc Holiday 
                         G6-Sulfatase Deficiency Result: N/N


Goat: ZyGoat Farms Gingersnap 2*P
                        One Day Milk Test 2023 – 5.6 lbs. of milk with 9.4% Butterfat at 46 days after kidding
Dam: Whispering Willows Buttercup Blue *P 
                        One Day Milk Test 2022 – 7.3 lbs. of milk with 5.5% Butterfat at 53 days after kidding

2023 TMGR Conformation Clinic Comments (Evaluator: )