NICKNAME: Jupiter                                                                            DOB: 1/17/2023                                                          FEMALE
DAM: Green Gables CGF Cal’s Starburst 3*P                         SIRE: Cedar Creek GLW Doc Holiday

Mini Nubian Doe – 4th Generation

59.33% Nubian / 40.67% Nigerian

*SS: Goat Trails Glory’s Legacy Winston +*B

*SD: Cedar Creek Frosted Blue Pearl

*DS: Green Gables Cali’s Grand Finale *B

*DD: Green Gables DT Southern Taffy 2*P

Horn Status: Polled

Eye Color: Blue

G6S Normal By Parentage

We knew this girl had loads of potential from the second we laid eyes on her. We are very thankful to ZyGoat Farms for trusting us with this beautiful girl! Her dam has an outstanding FF udder. 


2023 Texas Two Step TMM Show – Grand Champion Junior Doe 


Dam: Green Gables CGF Cal’s Starburst 3*P
                        G6-Sulfatase Deficiency Result: N/N
Sire: Cedar Creek GLW Doc Holiday 
                        G6-Sulfatase Deficiency Result: N/N


Dam: Green Gables CGF Cal’s Starburst 3*P
                        One Day Milk Test – 8.6 lbs. of milk & 6.9% Butterfat at 48 days after kidding

2024 TMGR Conformation Clinic Comments (Evaluator: )